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Labyrinth Masquerade Ball

Twenty years ago, the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball was created as a celebration of creativity and fantasy. Taking influences from Venetian tradition, Celtic faerie and goblin lore, and stories of fantasy and wonder. The Masquerade continues to be an enchanting experience where dreamers gather.

August 16-17th, 2019                            

LepreCon 45!

LepreCon is a general science fiction/fantasy convention that was first held in 1975. Since LepreCon 7, it has had a special focus on art. Our history is long and full of memorable guests and events. We plan to live up to that legacy with a strong LepreCon 45 in 2019.

April 18-21, 2019                                             

Tempe Library Fancon

The Tempe Public Library FanCon is an annual event featuring costume contests, artists & authors, shopping, and activities for children and adults alike. Fans of Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Wholocks, Trekkies, and more are invited to gather at the Tempe Public Library in costume for a celebration of pop culture.  This event is FREE to the public!

Jan. 26th, 2019