We at CostumeTrek are a family of highly talented, exacting and sometimes silly people who love costuming and want to share our love and knowledge with the whole world. Our goal is to take you along on our adventures and inspire you to create your own wonderful costumes and help you find places and reasons to wear them! 

Nola wearing her original design “Victorian Wonder Woman.” Photo by Steven Goldstein.


Nola Yergen is an avid costumer who does historically accurate costumes and professional cosplays but her first love is original design. While working as a Professor and Designer at Grand Canyon University, she also works in Film. She is a Master Costumer in the Con Scene, having won multiple “Best In Show” Awards at Large Conventions. Also Nola is a member of the Order of the Laurel in the Society for Creative Anachronism in addition to Master of Fine Arts Degree in Theatrical Design.


Brian Lapham as “The Mad Hatter” in our Best of Show winning entry “Taking Back Wonderland” at CostumeCon 2018


Brian Lapham directs and shoots most of the videos as well as edits them for distribution on YouTube. A former professional in local television working as a news photographer and editor for KTVK in Phoenix, he adds his talents to the Crew as a prop and costume maker specializing in leather, metal and wood fabrication. Brian is also a Master Costumer at Convention masquerades. When he is not costuming he also builds working Catapults and is a founding member of the Annual Tucson Pumpkin Toss.


Ian Lapham in one of his favorite Cosplays


Ian Lapham is an up and coming film maker in his own right. Ian builds props as well as contributes to our Master Level costuming group projects. Ian also helps out with cameras and audio as well as putting together his own series of videos “Make it or Break it!”

Connor gets plastered!


Connor Lapham is a budding musician and music producer in addition to his talent for woodworking and prop building. He gets dragged kicking and screaming into our crazy projects. His eye for detail makes him an excellent camera operator. He also aids with audio and occasionally ends up in a video himself.